How to Create a Fitter Future for Hackney’s Children

Fitter Future are coming to Hackney. We are going to be giving every primary schools the tools and ability to transform the lives of every single child in Hackney, and we are doing this for free.

Fitter Future are coming to Hackney. We are going to be giving every primary school the tools and ability to transform the lives of every single child in Hackney, and we are doing this for free.

‘’UK Childhood obesity is on the rise.’’

Unfortunately, this statement is one that has remained true, and frequently published, since the London Olympics in 2012.

Reports on childhood obesity, the reasons for the rise and the inevitable ‘who to blame’ articles and news segments have regularly filled our TV screens and other news sources. Recently it has seemed hard to remember a time where the news was more than just Brexit but a search on Google will show you just how big a deal childhood obesity really is.

So, if it isn’t ‘new news’ why are we doing something about it now?

Hackney Fitness

Our mission has always been to get more children more active more often. On a personal note, from the first time we worked in a school way back in 2006 we knew we wanted to combine our passion, sport, with our biggest value, having fun in everything we do. Our best childhood memories were spent being active outside, be it playing football with jumpers and shoes as goals, making up a game with neighbours that was way too complicated to explain or simply riding a bike / skateboard around and around the same roads for countless hours after school. We want to give the children of today the feeling of having fun whilst being active.

Linking up with similar minded people we started teaching in schools that couldn’t afford full time PE teachers. It was here we saw first-hand the struggles and pressures that teachers face every day. Because of the burdens of the classroom and lack of presence in OFSTED reports, getting children active outside of PE has slid down the priority list. (hopefully the updated OFSTED criteria for September 2019 will go some way to correcting this).

Brain Stimulation

Whilst the majority of Headteachers are aware of the link between being active and increased child concentration / brain stimulation etc, because teachers have too much to do in too little time it often falls to the wayside.  ‘We know its important, but we don’t the time’.

And it was with that mindset that Fitter Future was born. We get more children, more active more often without teachers having to leave the classroom, use equipment or get children changed. The series of online workouts are easy, fun and most importantly sustainable for primary schools. They have given teachers the tools to get their children active without it resulting in a loss of time for them. We now work with hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of children up and down the country who are seeing the benefits of their children doing 5 – 10 minutes a day of physical activity inside the classroom.

So what has any of this got to do with Hackney?

We are always researching children’s fitness and naturally we look closely at childhood obesity rates. We discovered that in certain boroughs of London, whatever the reason, childhood obesity rates were higher. Hackney is one of those boroughs and for that reason we’ve made the decision to give all primary schools in Hackney our platform for free.

As mentioned above, our mission statement is to get more children, more active, more often……let’s make it happen


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