Corby and East Northamptonshire MP visits Fitter Future user school

Fitter Future invited the Corby and East Northamptonshire MP, Tom Pursglove to a local school to see the positive impact physical activity is having on children's health and wellbeing. Mr Pursglove urges that schools should learn from the success at Priors Hall Learning Community and embrace the use of technology that can inspire people to be active from an early age.

We were delighted to invite local MP Tom Pursglove to Priors Hall Learning Community School in Corby on Friday 14th June 2019. The school have been recognised for their efforts in sport and physical activity provision for pupils and continue to set the standard for best practice in their local area. Mr Pursglove was delighted to see how children at the school enjoy being active and how teachers have embraced physical activity as part of the school’s culture.


Tackling Childhood Obesity

It is becoming increasingly more common for stories to be published highlighting the childhood obesity crisis in this country. We’re still hearing about these worrying statistics even after the government moved into action and produced a strategy that looked to tackle the issue head on. This has had varying degrees of success but there is a general concern amongst schools as there is a lack of guidance and long term impact, especially as funding sustainability is not guaranteed.

“I’ve been hugely impressed to see so many youngsters getting involved in physical activity. I think it’s so important that you start off those habits at a young age.”

“Building [physical activity] into the school day makes such a big difference.”

Schools have largely been left to their own devices to seek out physical activity resources for children. As former teachers ourselves, we understand the barriers and pressures that teachers face on a day to day basis. So we have created a resource that is easy-to-use for schools and fun for kids.

How YOU Can Make a Difference

At Fitter Future, we want to get every child in Britain to be more active, more often so that they can learn good habits from an early age and discover skills that are essential in later life.

“My message is to get involved in Fitter Future, get involved with the Daily Mile, brilliant initiatives that are making big differences in classrooms across the country and setting up young people for really successful lives ahead of them”

We want children to love being active and do so in a way that is easy for teachers to implement at any point of the school day. Our 5-10 minute online workouts can be completed in the classroom and at home.

If you would like to see how Fitter Future can make a positive impact at your school, try us out now by clicking here!


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