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Success in Hackney – Inspiring children at St Paul’s with St Michael’s


You may recall we set off on a mission to increase the active levels of children across the borough in Hackney. Well before the end of term, we went to visit one of the schools who can't get enough of Fitter Future.

Mindfulness Programme Coming Soon


In September 2019 we will be launching our brand new mindfulness programme. Working alongside our current active classroom-based workouts, our mindfulness programme will offer children the tools to help them in everyday life.  In situations they may be feeling emotions they are finding difficult to deal with too.

Corby and East Northamptonshire MP visits Fitter Future user school


Fitter Future invited the Corby and East Northamptonshire MP, Tom Pursglove to a local school to see the positive impact physical activity is having on children's health and wellbeing. Mr Pursglove urges that schools should learn from the success at Priors Hall Learning Community and embrace the use of technology that can inspire people to be active from an early age.

17 ways to teach mindfulness to children


What exactly is mindfulness, and why is it relevant for children? Mindfulness enables you to concentrate on the moment, in body, mind, and environment. Through its beginnings in Buddhism, it has developed to help to increase self-awareness, to be in control of your thoughts and negative feelings, to feel calmer, and to be kinder and more at peace with yourself. There are lots of ways of achieving this, and it has numerous benefits for any age group. Getting young minds into the habit of thinking this way will help them to deal with stressful situations, both now and later, and will enable them to make judgements and decisions with confidence. It will aid their concentration and encourage calmness, too - but how do you teach mindfulness to children?

The Mindfulness Raisin Exercise


There are many studies, articles and research papers surrounding why it is important for children to use mindfulness as a way to boost their mental health. Taking the time to concentrate on matters arguably more important than how to play a recorder or when I comes before E. Yoga and Pilates have become two of the most popular pastimes for adults – they are fantastic ways to be mindful. However, we are only now beginning to talk about ways in which children can look after their emotional wellbeing in the same way. The fact that that is changing can only be a good thing.

Hemel Hempstead MP visits Fitter Future user school


Fitter Future invited the MP for Hemel Hempstead, Sir Mike Penning to Galley Hill Primary School to show how regular bursts of vigorous physical activity in the classroom has made a positive impact on pupils. Sir Mike was keen to see how the teachers use the resource alongside their learning and hear what improvements they have noticed in children as a result of classroom-based physical activity.

How to Create a Fitter Future for Hackney’s Children


Fitter Future are coming to Hackney. We are going to be giving every primary schools the tools and ability to transform the lives of every single child in Hackney, and we are doing this for free.

Primary PE and Sport Premium guidance


A guide to the ring-fenced funding available for primary schools to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their children.

Sugar tax revenue helps tackle childhood obesity


Soft drinks manufacturers and traders have paid an extra £153.8 million in tax since April, statistics published by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) reveal.

PE and sport premium for primary schools


How much PE and sport premium funding schools receive and advice on how it should be spent.

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