Be Mindful

A series of short mindful moments giving children the tools to improve their emotional well-being. Perfect for parents looking to incorporate mindful moments into their child’s life.

Each video comes with support learning content

Families love Fitter Future: Be Mindful because it:
Improves happiness
Increases self value
Increases awareness of feelings and emotions of others
Is easy to use and fun for children
Is hosted on a safe platform (no data / adverts / links to external sites)
Is created by teachers
Links to school learning in PHSE

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Fitter Future: Get Active

A series of 5 – 10 minute fitness routines designed to fight childhood obesity without having to leave the the living room. .

Families love Fitter Future: Get Active because it:
Burns energy
Improves self value
Increases happiness
Boosts resilience
Gets children fitter & healthier
Is three tier differentiated and offers data on usage

For free home access in September click here

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