Our Story

As former primary school PE teachers our passion has always been to try and give children great experiences in sport. We loved nothing more than the challenge of taking a class of children and making sure each and every child, regardless of their background, how their day was going or their individual skill level would benefit and feel good about themselves and what they had achieved during the session.

We often felt as though PE was enjoyed most by children who just simply loved sport. The same group of children attended after school clubs and played sport outside of schools. The majority of others did neither. Listening to those children who were either reluctant in PE or clearly not enjoying themselves, it was clear they believed that PE and being active in general, only seemed necessary if you wanted to go onto becoming a world sport superstar.

Moving Fast

We acted quickly to change perceptions. We launched fitness clubs at lunch times at several schools. No sport, just movement based physical activity. We only planned to do this in five schools a week for 6 weeks…6 weeks soon became 8 months and every lunch time we were full of children wanting to take part in movement and fitness games. It wasn’t just the sporty children who attended, it was EVERY child. The initial reluctant children enjoyed the fact it was only 10 minutes long and your ability to throw a rugby ball didn’t determine your own, or anyone else’s success or enjoyment of the session.

Children are the best critics. There is no subtlety when it comes to them telling you they don’t think something is very good. Over the eight months we built up so much great content, that we were proud to create multiple series of movements that would feature in Fitter Future workouts. After further testing, we whittled out the movements they didn’t like and the ones that did have truly passed the test of time.

Time is precious

With school teaching backgrounds we understand what a precious resource time for teachers is. The amount to fit in each day only increases and anything that requires a lot of ‘non-teaching time’ is unlikely to be sustainable in schools. That is why with Fitter Future nothing is more than a few clicks away, children don’t need to get changed and you don’t need to leave the classroom… Ease is everything!

So that is us and our message is clear. We want children to love being active. We want them leaving primary school understanding that feeling of being out of breath, being able to challenge yourself, knowing the limits of your body and the benefits that exercise can bring on both body and mind.

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